Edit models


As seen in Section Section 3, “Define a concrete syntax”, an xDSML can provide different concrete syntaxes.

1. Editing model with Sirius


After defining your editor with Sirius (see Section 3.2, “Defining a Concrete Syntax with Sirius” for more details about Sirius), you can use your editor as described in the Sirius User Manual.

1.1. Debug specific

If you have defined a debug representation using Section 2.1, “Define a debug representation and commands for Sirius”. You can use the following actions to start a debug session and toggle breakpoints.

Debug actions

2. Editing model with EMF Tree Editor


If you have defined an editor thanks to EMF genmodel, it can be used to create and edit models for your language as a complement to Sirius editor for example.

Editing with tree editor

3. Editing model with XText


If your language has a concrete syntax specified using XText, you can use it to edit your model.

Additionally, when running a model, the debugger will take care to focus on the correct line in the xtext editor for the current active model element when the execution is paused on a step.