In addition to java API, the GEMOC Studio implements several web protocols.

For consistency, these protocols are defined using the same mechanism as LSP.

However, in order to be deployed internally in web browsers, instead of defining a socket or a port for each protocol, most implementation in the studio use websockets.

For convenience, an extensible websocket server is provided as an eclipse plugin. This allows to deploy a new endpoint in any eclipse based application or IDE, simply by adding a plugin extension.

Figure 61, “Protocols overview” shows an overview of the components that offer or use the protocols in the Eclipse Studio.

Protocols overview

Figure 61. Protocols overview

1. Engine Add-On Protocol


The goal of the Engine Add-On Protocol (EAOP) is to provide services similar to those offered by the java IEngineAddon API (cf. Figure 57, “Execution Framework API Interfaces overview”) but via websocket communication.

The figure Figure 62, “Engine Add-On Protocol overview” presents the Client and Server JSON RPC methods and the exchanged data.


Figure 62. Engine Add-On Protocol overview