General architecture


As shown in Figure 48, “GEMOC Studio General Architecture - Main Features”, the GEMOC Studio offers several main features for the Modeling workbench and the Language Workbench. Both share features coming from the execution platform.

Each component presented in this figure is actually refined depending on the technology used when implementing a given language. For example, if for a language, the Domain Specific Action (DSA) is expressed using K3, the Engine will use the code produced by the K3 DSA Compiler. If for another language, the DSA is expressed using ALE, then the Engine will use an ALE DSA Interpreter.


The components shown in the Concurrent boxes are specific to the concurrent approach. This approach is not yet officially included in the Studio but is already available in the Discovery service.

GEMOC Studio General Architecture - Main Features

Figure 48. GEMOC Studio General Architecture - Main Features