Prepare language


In order to run a model using the headless runner, the plugins that define the language must be prepared for distribution and then be placed in a location where the runner will be able to find them.

Roughly, this task is similar to Deploy language.

Actually this consist in creating deployable jars of the plugins. These jars can be generated in several ways:

1. Create deployable jars using Eclipse UI

In the Language Workbench where you have developped the language.

  • Select the projects, File → Exports…​, Plug-in development → Deployabe plug-ins and fragments → Next
  • Select the destination Directory

The directory will typically be the dropins folder of the headless studio.

2. Create deployable jars using Maven

You can automate the production of the deployable jars using maven and tycho.

Good tutorial can be found on the web. For example,


For simple project, you can even use a very limited number of pom.xml files by using the tycho POM-less structure. See