This section lists a short selection of scientific documents about the GEMOC Studio and some of its features. For a more complete list, please refer to the publications section on site.


[generic-concurrency] A Generic Framework for Representing and Analysing Model Concurrency (S. Zschaler, E. Bousse, J. Deantoni, B. Combemale) In Software and Systems Modeling, inPress, Jan. 2023.

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[gemoc-ttc-15] A Solution to the TTC'15 Model Execution Case Using the GEMOC Studio (B. Combemale , J. Deantoni, O. Barais, A. Blouin, E. Bousse, C. Brun, T. Degueule, D. Vojtisek) In 8th Transformation Tool Contest, 2015.

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Abstract Syntax.
Application Programming Interface.
Behavioral Semantics
see Execution semantics.
Clock-Constraint Specification Language.
Domain Engineer
user of the Modeling Workbench.
Domain-Specific Action.
Domain-Specific Event.
Domain-Specific (Modeling) Language.
Dynamic Semantics
see Execution semantics.
Eclipse Plugin
an Eclipse plugin is a Java project with associated metadata that can be bundled and deployed as a contribution to an Eclipse-based IDE.
Execution Data.
Execution Semantics
Defines when and how elements of a language will produce a model behavior.
GEMOC Studio
Eclipse-based studio integrating both a language workbench and the corresponding modeling workbenches
Language Workbench
a language workbench offers the facilities for designing and implementing modeling languages.
Language Designer
a language designer is the user of the language workbench.
Model of Concurrency and Communication
model which contributes to the convent of a View
Modeling Workbench
a modeling workbench offers all the required facilities for editing and animating domain specific models according to a given modeling language.
Model-Specific Action.
Model-Specific Event.
RunTime Data.
Static semantics
Constraints on a model that cannot be expressed in the metamodel. For example, static semantics can be expressed as OCL invariants.
Executable Domain-Specific Modeling Language.

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BCOoL, What is BCOoL?
Both representations (graphical or textual) can be used for edition of models, Presentation of the MoCCML Editor


GEMOC Language Workbench, Language workbench overview


import, Import Language


Language Designer, Language workbench overview
Language Integrator, Language workbench overview
Language Workbench, Language workbench overview
Logical Step, Concurrent General options