The GEMOC Studio is distributed with a set of official examples that are regularly verified.

These examples use two installers.

  • One installer is dedicated to create the language projects in the Language workbench. IconeGemocLanguage 16
  • The second installed is dedicated to create example model of the language in the modeling workbench. IconeGemocModel 16

All installers are available in the corresponding Eclipse via the menu: FilenewExamples…​ Then make sure to select the examples in the GEMOC language workbench examples group or in the GEMOC modeling workbench examples group depending on your workbenches.


When installing in the language and modeling workbenches, make sure to select the correct corresponding pair of projects, since even if they may have similar language names, models for a given language may not be compatible with another language.

Several examples documentation contain a DIY section. This DIY section provides tutorial material allowing to manually reproduce the language workbench projects step-by-step.


In addition to those official examples, many examples are available in other places: