Interface IDiscoveryAdvertiser

    • Field Detail


        static final String CONTAINER_NAME
        The name of the discovery container under which it is registered with the OSGi runtime as a service property
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    • Method Detail

      • registerService

        void registerService​(IServiceInfo serviceInfo)
        Register the given service. This publishes the service defined by the serviceInfo to the underlying publishing mechanism
        serviceInfo - IServiceInfo of the service to be published. Must not be null.
      • unregisterService

        void unregisterService​(IServiceInfo serviceInfo)
        Unregister a previously registered service defined by serviceInfo.
        serviceInfo - IServiceInfo defining the service to unregister. Must not be null.
      • unregisterAllServices

        void unregisterAllServices()
        Unregister all previously registered service.
      • getServicesNamespace

        Namespace getServicesNamespace()
        Get a Namespace for services associated with this discovery container adapter. The given Namespace may be used via IServiceIDFactory to create IServiceIDs rather than simple IDs. For example:
         IServiceID serviceID = ServiceIDFactory.getDefault().createServiceID(
                        container.getServicesNamespace(), serviceType, serviceName);
        Namespace for creating service IDs. Will not be null .