Interface IServiceInfo

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    AdvertisedService, DiscoverdService, JSLPServiceInfo, ServiceInfo

    public interface IServiceInfo
    extends org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable
    Service information contract. Defines the information associated with a remotely discoverable service see and
    • Method Detail

      • getLocation

        URI getLocation()
        Get URI for service
        URI the location for the service.
      • getServiceID

        IServiceID getServiceID()
        Get ServiceID for service.
        ServiceID the serviceID for the service. Will not be null.
      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
        The priority for the service Priority: The priority of this target host. A client MUST attempt to contact the target host with the lowest-numbered priority it can reach; target hosts with the same priority SHOULD be tried in an order defined by the weight field.
        int the priority. 0 if no priority information for service.
      • getWeight

        int getWeight()
        The weight for the service. 0 if no weight information for service. Weight: A server selection mechanism. The weight field specifies a relative weight for entries with the same priority. Larger weights SHOULD be given a proportionately higher probability of being selected. Domain administrators SHOULD use Weight 0 when there isn't any server selection to do. In the presence of records containing weights greater than 0, records with weight 0 should have a very small chance of being selected.
        int the weight
      • getTTL

        long getTTL()
        The time to live for the service. -1 if no TTL given for service. TTL: A time to live (TTL) defining the live time of a service.
        long the time to live in seconds
      • getServiceProperties

        IServiceProperties getServiceProperties()
        Map with any/all properties associated with the service. Properties are assumed to be name/value pairs, both of type String.
        Map the properties associated with this service. Will not be null.
      • getServiceName

        String getServiceName()
        A user choose label used for pretty printing this service.
        A human readable service name. Not used for uniqueness!