Interface IDiscoveryContainerAdapter

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    org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, IDiscoveryAdvertiser, IDiscoveryLocator
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    public interface IDiscoveryContainerAdapter
    extends IDiscoveryLocator, IDiscoveryAdvertiser
    Use IDisocveryLocator and IDisocveryAdvertiser instead
    Entry point discovery container adapter. This interface exposes the ability to add/remove listeners for newly discovered services and service types, register and unregister locally provided services, and get (synch) and request (asynchronous) service info from a remote service provider.

    This interface can be used by container provider implementations as an adapter so that calls to IContainer.getAdapter(IDiscoveryContainerAdapter.class) will return a non-null instance of a class that implements this interface. Clients can then proceed to use this interface to interact with the given discovery implementation.