Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.pivot.util

Interface Summary
MorePivotable A MorePivotable object has references to additional pivot objects that should be treated as in use at the end of a CS2Pivot conversion.
Nameable Deprecated.

Class Summary
AbstractDelegatingVisitor<R,C,D extends Visitor<R>> An AbstractDelegatingVisitor delegates all visits.
AbstractExtendingVisitor<R,C> An AbstractExtendingVisitor provides a default implementation for each visitXxx method that delegates to the visitYyy method of the first super class, (or transitively its first super class' first super class until a non-interface super-class is found).
AbstractNullVisitor<R,C> An AbstractNullVisitor provides a default implementation for each visitXxx method that returns null.
AbstractWrappingVisitor<R,C,D extends Visitor<R>,P> An AbstractWrappingVisitor delegates all visits wrapping the delegation in a call to a preVisit function and a postVisit function.
PivotAdapterFactory The Adapter Factory for the model.
PivotPlugin This is the central singleton for the Pivot model plugin.
PivotPlugin.Implementation The actual implementation of the Eclipse Plugin.
PivotSwitch<T1> The Switch for the model's inheritance hierarchy.
PivotValidator The Validator for the model.