Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.pivot.utilities

Interface Summary
AbstractConversion.Predicate<T extends EObject>  
BaseResource BaseResource defines the Xtext-independent extended interface for a Concrete Syntax resource for which a ParserContext defines how the Abstract Syntax elements should be initialized.

Class Summary
AliasAdapter An AliasAdapter extends a Resource to provide a set of aliases for elements, typically packages, contained within that Resource.
AS2XMIidVisitor The AS2XMIidVisitor generates an xmi:id for an AS element.
ASSaver ASSaver ensures that all references to synthesized types are terminated by local copies of the synthesized types.
ASSaverLocateVisitor LocateVisitor locates references to shared specializations, so that local copies can be created and then replaced by the ResolveVisitor.
ASSaverNormalizeVisitor ASSaverNormalizeVisitor normalizes contents by alphabeticzing - lists of Property.
ASSaverResolveVisitor ResolveVisitor converts references to shared specializations to references to local copies.
CompleteElementIterable<O,I> A CompleteElementIterable supports iteration over the multiple iterable contributions to a Complete Element as if all were merged in a composite element.
ConstraintEvaluator<T> ConstraintEvaluator provides an abstract framework for evaluation of a constraint with call backs to handle the alternative success, failure, invalid and exception outcomes and return an appropriate value of T.
EnvironmentRegistryImpl Implementation of the environment registry.
EnvironmentResourceAdapter A EnvironmentResourceAdapter enhances the Resource to idenify its environment.
HTMLBuffer A StringBuilder that assists in production of valid HTML.
LiveInstances<T> LiveInstances assists in debugging memory leaks by reporting creation/deletion/exuistence of selected class instances.
PathElement A PathElement represents a segment in a qualified name.
PivotEnvironment Implementation of the Environment for parsing OCL expressions on Ecore models.
PivotEnvironmentFactory Implementation of the EnvironmentFactory for parsing OCL expressions on Ecore models.
PivotSaveImpl PivotSaveImpl ensures that all references to specialized types are terminated by local copies of the specialization.
PivotSaveImpl.Lookup The Lookup override enforces alphabetical order on saved features.
PivotUtil.PrecedenceComparator 'Highest' precedence first
PivotUtil.TemplateParameterSubstitutionComparator In TemplateSignature order.
QueryImpl An implementation of the model object 'Query'.
ToStringVisitor Converts an OCL expression to a string for debugging.
TypeManager Deprecated.
TypeManagerResourceAdapter Deprecated.

Exception Summary