Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.library.oclstdlib

Interface Summary
OCLstdlibPackage.Literals Defines literals for the meta objects that represent each class, each feature of each class, each enum, and each data type

Class Summary
OclInvalid A representation of the model object 'Ocl Invalid'.
OCLstdlibFactory The Factory for the model.
OCLstdlibPackage The Package for the model.
OCLstdlibTables OCLstdlibTables provides the dispatch tables for the ocl for use by the OCL dispatcher.
OCLstdlibTables.EnumerationLiterals The lists of enumeration literals for each enumeration.
OCLstdlibTables.FragmentOperations The lists of local operations or local operation overrides for each fragment of each type.
OCLstdlibTables.FragmentProperties The lists of local properties for the local fragment of each type.
OCLstdlibTables.Fragments The fragment descriptors for the local elements of each type and its supertypes.
OCLstdlibTables.Operations The operation descriptors for each operation of each type.
OCLstdlibTables.Parameters The parameter lists shared by operations.
OCLstdlibTables.Properties The property descriptors for each property of each type.
OCLstdlibTables.TypeFragments The fragments for all base types in depth order: OclAny first, OclSelf last.
OCLstdlibTables.TypeParameters The type parameters for templated types and operations.
OCLstdlibTables.Types The type descriptors for each type.
OclVoid A representation of the model object 'Ocl Void'.