Class OCLstdlibTables

  extended by org.eclipse.ocl.examples.library.oclstdlib.OCLstdlibTables

public class OCLstdlibTables
extends java.lang.Object

OCLstdlibTables provides the dispatch tables for the ocl for use by the OCL dispatcher. In order to ensure correct static initialization, a top level class element must be accessed before any nested class element. Therefore an access to PACKAGE.getClass() is recommended.

Nested Class Summary
static class OCLstdlibTables.EnumerationLiterals
          The lists of enumeration literals for each enumeration.
static class OCLstdlibTables.FragmentOperations
          The lists of local operations or local operation overrides for each fragment of each type.
static class OCLstdlibTables.FragmentProperties
          The lists of local properties for the local fragment of each type.
static class OCLstdlibTables.Fragments
          The fragment descriptors for the local elements of each type and its supertypes.
static class OCLstdlibTables.Operations
          The operation descriptors for each operation of each type.
static class OCLstdlibTables.Parameters
          The parameter lists shared by operations.
static class OCLstdlibTables.Properties
          The property descriptors for each property of each type.
static class OCLstdlibTables.TypeFragments
          The fragments for all base types in depth order: OclAny first, OclSelf last.
static class OCLstdlibTables.TypeParameters
          The type parameters for templated types and operations.
static class OCLstdlibTables.Types
          The type descriptors for each type.
Field Summary
static ExecutorStandardLibrary LIBRARY
          The library of all packages and types.
static EcoreExecutorPackage PACKAGE
          The package descriptor for the package.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public static final EcoreExecutorPackage PACKAGE
The package descriptor for the package.


public static final ExecutorStandardLibrary LIBRARY
The library of all packages and types.

Constructor Detail


public OCLstdlibTables()