Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.impactanalyzer.instanceScope.unusedEvaluation

Interface Summary

Class Summary
FindAlwaysUsedVariablesVisitor For an OCL expression finds out which of the Variables referred by any VariableExp within the expression will inevitably be used, regardless the values of any variables, deciding which branches may be taken.
PartialEcoreEnvironmentFactoryNoAllInstances Uses PartialEvaluationVisitorImplNoAllInstances as evaluation visitor which throws a NoAllInstancesDuringEvaluationForUnusedCheck exception in case allInstances() is to be evaluated.
PartialEvaluationVisitorImplNoAllInstances In addition to throwing a ValueNotFoundException as already done by the superclass, this implementation also throws a NoAllInstancesDuringEvaluationForUnusedCheck exception in case an allInstances() call is to be evaluated.
PartialEvaluatorNoAllInstances A partial evaluator which doesn't attempt to perform allInstances() requests and instead throws a NoAllInstancesDuringEvaluationForUnusedCheck exception when it happens.
UnusedEvaluationRequest A largely immutable request to perform a (partial) evaluation (see also PartialEvaluatorImpl) of an OCLExpression, comparing the result with a given expected result or invalid.
UnusedEvaluationRequestFactory Produces objects of type UnusedEvaluationRequest and caches them in a WeakHashMap.
UnusedEvaluationRequestSet.UnusedEvaluationResult If the result says that unused was proven, there won't be a new request set delivered.

Exception Summary