Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.impactanalyzer.util

Interface Summary
OperationCallExpKeyedSet Keys sets of elements by OperationCallExp elements and implements the Iterable interface.

Class Summary
AnnotatedEObject The AnnotatedEObject is a delegate of an EObject that adds support for Sting annotations.
EcoreEnvironmentFactoryWithScopedExtentMap An OCL environment factory that is parameterizable during construction with an OppositeEndFinder in addition to the default parameterization of the package EPackage.Registry.
FlatSet A simplified implementation of the OperationCallExpKeyedSet interface which is actually unable to associate the AnnotatedEObjects with OperationCallExp expressions but instead just keeps the AnnotatedEObjects as flat sets.
IterableAsOperationCallExpKeyedSet Encapsulates an Iterable of AnnotatedEObjects as if it could be queried for the specific operation call expression through which a subset of it was traced.
OCL Eases the construction of an OCL instance configured with a specific OppositeEndFinder.
OCLFactory Required by the Impact Analyzer to create OCL objects that are properly and consistently configured.
OperationCallExpKeyedSetFactory Produces OperationCallExpKeyedSet objects, either of type OperationCallExpKeyedSetImpl in case the isOperationCallSelectionActive argument passed to the constructor was true, or FlatSet objects otherwise.
OperationCallExpKeyedSetImpl Immutable implementation of a data structure keyed by OperationCallExp expressions where the values are sets of E objects.