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April 17, 2009

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project provides tools for Web Development, and is a platform for adopters making add-on tools for Web Development.

Required Prerequisites and Handy Extras

These are the prerequisites to install and run the Web Tools Platform. Also listed are some frequently needed links for committer-required packages when creating new developmnet environmnets, or targets to run against.

Note that WTP requires Java 5 or higher (and, for some things, actually requires a JDK rather than only a JRE) even though many other Eclipse Projects can run with other JRE levels.

Eclipse Platform (Platform, JDT) eclipse-SDK-M20090211-1700-win32.zip or appropriate platform or equivalent
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF, XSD InfoSet) emf-runtime-2.4.2RC1.zip or equivalent
Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) GEF-SDK-M200901141331.zip or equivalent
Eclipse Test Framework (required only for Automated JUnit tests) eclipse-test-framework-M20090211-1700.zip or equivalent
Eclipse releng tool (required only for committers to more easily "release" code to a build) org.eclipse.releng.tools-M20090211-1700.zip or equivalent
Web Tools Platform Patches

The Zip files contain patches


Remember, care is needed in using patches from this page. These patches are specific to particular use-cases or adopters and not well tested for general cases.

Status, tests and other interesting details
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