Package org.eclipse.swtbot.swt.finder.utils

Interface Summary
StringConverter Converts objects into their string representations.
SWTBotPreferenceConstants Constants used by SWTBotPreferences.

Class Summary
BidiMap<K,V> Note: This is not error proof, and adding the same key twice with a different value will have uncertain results.
ClassUtils A utility for class based work.
FileUtils Provides utilities to read and write to files.
ImageFormatConverter Translates from strings to one of the constants in SWT#IMAGE_*
MessageFormat Message formatter to optimize logging performance.
MultiValueMap<K,V> Maps a key to a collection of values.
Position An object that represents a position in terms of line and column number.
StringUtils A set of utilities for string manipulation.
SWTBotEvents This maps SWT events to the Strings.
SWTBotPreferences Holds the preferences for the SWT Bot.
TableCollection Represents a table.
TableRow Represents a table row.
TextDescription Writes a fixed string as a description.
WidgetTextDescription Describes the widget, by invoking SWTUtils.getText(Object) on the widget.

Enum Summary
Traverse An enum that represents traversal events.