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Packages that use SettingStore

Uses of SettingStore in org.eclipse.rap.rwt

Methods in org.eclipse.rap.rwt that return SettingStore
static SettingStore RWT.getSettingStore()
          Returns the setting store instance for the current UI session.

Uses of SettingStore in org.eclipse.rap.rwt.service

Classes in org.eclipse.rap.rwt.service that implement SettingStore
 class FileSettingStore
          A setting store implementation that persists all settings on the file system using Java Properties files.

Methods in org.eclipse.rap.rwt.service that return SettingStore
 SettingStore FileSettingStoreFactory.createSettingStore(java.lang.String id)
 SettingStore SettingStoreFactory.createSettingStore(java.lang.String id)
          Creates and initializes a new specific setting store instance.

Constructors in org.eclipse.rap.rwt.service with parameters of type SettingStore
SettingStoreEvent(SettingStore source, java.lang.String attributeName, java.lang.String oldValue, java.lang.String newValue)

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