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Interface Listener

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public interface Listener

Implementers of Listener provide a simple handleEvent() method that is used internally by SWT to dispatch events.

After creating an instance of a class that implements this interface it can be added to a widget using the addListener(int eventType, Listener handler) method and removed using the removeListener (int eventType, Listener handler) method. When the specified event occurs, handleEvent(...) will be sent to the instance.

Classes which implement this interface are described within SWT as providing the untyped listener API. Typically, widgets will also provide a higher-level typed listener API, that is based on the standard java.util.EventListener pattern.

See Also:
Widget.addListener(int, org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Listener), EventListener,

Method Summary
 void handleEvent(Event event)
          Sent when an event that the receiver has registered for occurs.

Method Detail


void handleEvent(Event event)
Sent when an event that the receiver has registered for occurs.

event - the event which occurred

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