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Class FileSettingStoreFactory

  extended by org.eclipse.rap.rwt.service.FileSettingStoreFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class FileSettingStoreFactory
extends java.lang.Object
implements SettingStoreFactory

A setting store factory that creates instances of FileSettingStore.

This implementation uses the following strategy to determine the path for persisting the data of the session store instances.

  1. Use the directory specified by the init-parameter "org.eclipse.rap.rwt.service.FileSettingStore.dir" in the web.xml.
  2. Use the directory specified by the "javax.servlet.context.tempdir" attribute in the servlet context.
  3. Use the directory specified by the "" property.
The first path that can be obtained from the above choices (in the order given above) will be used. If the path determined does not exist it will be created.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 SettingStore createSettingStore(java.lang.String id)
          Creates and initializes a new specific setting store instance.
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Constructor Detail


public FileSettingStoreFactory()
Method Detail


public SettingStore createSettingStore(java.lang.String id)
Description copied from interface: SettingStoreFactory
Creates and initializes a new specific setting store instance.

Specified by:
createSettingStore in interface SettingStoreFactory
id - the ID for the setting store to create, must not be null or empty
the created setting store, never null

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