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Uses of ToolItem in org.eclipse.swt.widgets

Methods in org.eclipse.swt.widgets that return ToolItem
 ToolItem ToolBar.getItem(int index)
          Returns the item at the given, zero-relative index in the receiver.
 ToolItem ToolBar.getItem(Point point)
          Returns the item at the given point in the receiver or null if no such item exists.
 ToolItem[] ToolBar.getItems()
          Returns an array of ToolItems which are the items in the receiver.

Methods in org.eclipse.swt.widgets with parameters of type ToolItem
 int ToolBar.indexOf(ToolItem item)
          Searches the receiver's list starting at the first item (index 0) until an item is found that is equal to the argument, and returns the index of that item.

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