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Uses of MenuItem in org.eclipse.swt.widgets

Methods in org.eclipse.swt.widgets that return MenuItem
 MenuItem Menu.getDefaultItem()
          Returns the default menu item or null if none has been previously set.
 MenuItem Menu.getItem(int index)
          Returns the item at the given, zero-relative index in the receiver.
 MenuItem[] Menu.getItems()
          Returns a (possibly empty) array of MenuItems which are the items in the receiver.
 MenuItem Menu.getParentItem()
          Returns the receiver's parent item, which must be a MenuItem or null when the receiver is a root.

Methods in org.eclipse.swt.widgets with parameters of type MenuItem
 int Menu.indexOf(MenuItem menuItem)
          Searches the receiver's list starting at the first item (index 0) until an item is found that is equal to the argument, and returns the index of that item.
 void Menu.setDefaultItem(MenuItem item)
          Sets the default menu item to the argument or removes the default emphasis when the argument is null.

Constructors in org.eclipse.swt.widgets with parameters of type MenuItem
Menu(MenuItem parent)
          Constructs a new instance of this class given its parent (which must be a MenuItem) and sets the style for the instance so that the instance will be a drop-down menu on the given parent's parent menu.

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