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Class BrowserUtil

  extended by org.eclipse.rap.rwt.widgets.BrowserUtil

public final class BrowserUtil
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class to work with non-blocking browser script execution.

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Method Summary
static void evaluate(Browser browser, java.lang.String script, BrowserCallback browserCallback)
          Executes the given script in a non-blocking way.
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Method Detail


public static void evaluate(Browser browser,
                            java.lang.String script,
                            BrowserCallback browserCallback)
Executes the given script in a non-blocking way. The browserCallback is notified when the result from the operation is available.

Use this method instead of the execute() or evaluate() methods from the respective Browser widget when running a life cycle without a dedicated UI thread where evaluate() does not block the program execution flow.

browser - the browser to execute the script, must not be null.
script - the script to execute, must not be null.
browserCallback - the callback to be notified when the result from the script execution is available, must not be null.
See Also:
Browser, BrowserCallback, Application.OperationMode

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