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Interface Connection

public interface Connection

An instance of this interface represents a connection used to communicate with the client. Every UI session has exactly one connection which can be obtained by calling UISession.getConnection().

Note: The classes and interfaces in the package org.eclipse.rap.rwt.remote are still considered provisional. They are expected to evolve over the next releases, which may lead to slight changes. We make the package available to enable the development of custom components with the new API.

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Method Summary
 RemoteObject createRemoteObject(java.lang.String remoteType)
          Creates a new remote object on the client with the given remote type.

Method Detail


RemoteObject createRemoteObject(java.lang.String remoteType)
Creates a new remote object on the client with the given remote type. The type must be known by the client, and the client must be able to create an object of this type. The returned RemoteObject can be used to communicate with the remote object.

remoteType - the type of the remote object to be created, must not be null
a representation of the remote object that has been created

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