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Interface ILifeCycle

Deprecated. As of 2.0, PhaseListeners should only be registered in an ApplicationConfiguration. For new applications and custom widgets, consider the (still internal) RemoteObject API which is going to replace PhaseListener.

public interface ILifeCycle

This interface represents the life cycle of a request. It is not intended to be implemented by clients.

RWT divides the life cycle of an HTTP request into different phases that are executed sequentially. Each phase has its special purpose and creates the prerequisites needed by the following phases for proper execution.

The phases are:

Prepare UI Root
Responsible for invoking entry points.
Read Data
Reading request parameters and applying the contained status information to the corresponding widgets. As an example, if a user has entered some characters into a Text control, the characters are transmitted and applied to the text attribute of the Text instance.
Process Action
Events are processed which trigger user actions. As an example, when a Button has been pushed, the SelectionListeners attached to the Button are called.
JavaScript code is generated for the response, that applies the state changes to the client. Only those widget attributes that were changed during the processing of the current request are being rendered. This results in a minimal amount of data that needs to be transferred to the client. The widget tree is not manipulated in this phase anymore.

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Method Summary
 void addPhaseListener(PhaseListener listener)
          Deprecated. Registers a PhaseListener with the life cycle.
 void removePhaseListener(PhaseListener listener)
          Deprecated. Removes a PhaseListener from the life cycle.

Method Detail


void addPhaseListener(PhaseListener listener)
Registers a PhaseListener with the life cycle.

listener - the listener to be added, must not be null


void removePhaseListener(PhaseListener listener)
Removes a PhaseListener from the life cycle. Has no effect if an identical listener is not yet registered.

listener - the listener to be removed, must not be null

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