Interface ImportRegistration

    • Method Detail

      • getImportReference

        ImportReference getImportReference()
        Return the Import Reference for the imported service.
        The Import Reference for this registration, or null if this Import Registration is closed.
        IllegalStateException - When this registration was not properly initialized. See getException().
      • close

        void close()
        Close this Import Registration. This must close the connection to the endpoint and unregister the proxy. After this method returns, all other methods must return null. This method has no effect when this registration has already been closed or is being closed.
      • getException

        Throwable getException()
        Return the exception for any error during the import process. If the Remote Service Admin for some reasons is unable to properly initialize this registration, then it must return an exception from this method. If no error occurred, this method must return null. The error must be set before this Import Registration is returned. Asynchronously occurring errors must be reported to the log.
        The exception that occurred during the initialization of this registration or null if no exception occurred.