Interface IOSGiRemoteServiceContainerAdapter

All Superinterfaces:
org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, IRemoteServiceConsumer, IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter, IRemoteServiceHost

public interface IOSGiRemoteServiceContainerAdapter extends IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter
  • Method Details

    • registerRemoteService

      IRemoteServiceRegistration registerRemoteService(String[] clazzes, ServiceReference aServiceReference, Dictionary properties)
      Register a new remote service. This method is to be called by the service server...i.e. the client that wishes to make available a service to other client within this container.
      clazzes - The class names under which the service will be remoted. The array must match or be a subset of the service's properties under the key Constants.OBJECTCLASS. Must not be null and must not be an empty array.
      aServiceReference - a ServiceRefenrence. This object must
      • not be null
      properties - to be associated with the service reference (replaces servicereference's properties)
      IRemoteServiceRegistration the service registration. Will not return null .