Interface IRemoteServiceHost

    • Method Detail

      • registerRemoteService

        IRemoteServiceRegistration registerRemoteService​(String[] clazzes,
                                                         Object service,
                                                         Dictionary properties)
        Register a new remote service. This method is to be called by the service server...i.e. the client that wishes to make available a service to other client within this container.
        clazzes - the interface classes that the service exposes to remote clients. Must not be null and must not be an empty array.
        service - the service object. Under normal conditions this object must
        • not be null
        • implement all of the classes specified by the first parameter
        The only situation when the service object may be null is if the service property Constants.SERVICE_REGISTER_PROXY is set in the properties. If Constants.SERVICE_REGISTER_PROXY is set in the properties parameter (to an arbitrary value), then the service object may then be null.
        properties - to be associated with service
        IRemoteServiceRegistration the service registration. Will not return null .
      • addRemoteServiceListener

        void addRemoteServiceListener​(IRemoteServiceListener listener)
        Add listener for remote service registration/unregistration for this container
        listener - notified of service registration/unregistration events. Must not be null .
      • removeRemoteServiceListener

        void removeRemoteServiceListener​(IRemoteServiceListener listener)
        Remove remote service registration/unregistration listener for this container.
        listener - to remove. Must not be null .
      • getRemoteServiceNamespace

        Namespace getRemoteServiceNamespace()
        Get namespace to use for this remote service provider.
        Namespace to use for creating IRemoteServiceID for this remote service provider. Will not return null.
      • getRemoteServiceID

        IRemoteServiceID getRemoteServiceID​(ID containerID,
                                            long containerRelativeID)
        Get a remote service ID from a containerID and a containerRelative long value. Will return a non-null value if the IRemoteServiceRegistration/Reference is currently 'known' to this container adapter. null if not.
        containerID - the containerID that is the server/host for the remote service. Must not be null. This must be the containerID for the server/host of the remote service.
        containerRelativeID - the long value identifying the remote service relative to the container ID.
        IRemoteServiceID instance if the associated IRemoteServiceRegistration/Reference is known to this container adapter, null if it is not.