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Package org.eclipse.ocl.ecore

Implementation of an OCL binding for the Ecore metamodel.

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Package org.eclipse.ocl.ecore Description

Implementation of an OCL binding for the Ecore metamodel.

Package Specification

This package defines an OCL environment implementation for the Ecore metamodel. Clients can use an EcoreEnvironmentFactory in conjunction with the OCL class to parse and evaluated OCL constraints on Ecore models.

Clients may extend the environment implementation to support custom requirements, such as overriding the Environment.lookupOperation(C, java.lang.String, java.util.List<? extends org.eclipse.ocl.utilities.TypedElement<C>>) and EvaluationEnvironment.callOperation(O, int, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object[]) methods to inject custom operations into existing metaclasses (to provide Java implementations, rather than defining additional operations using OCL).

This package also extends the types of the OCL Types package to define the generalization relationships to the Ecore metamodel's counterparts to the UML Classifier (EClassifier) and DataType (EDataType) metaclasses. This ensures a consistent type system in the OCL binding for Ecore, so that all types are represented as EClassifiers.

Clients may assume that any types referenced by OCL constraints parsed against an Ecore model are instances of the interfaces in this package.

See Also:
OCL, EcoreEnvironmentFactory, EcoreEnvironment, EcoreEvaluationEnvironment, org.eclipse.ocl.types
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