Package org.eclipse.uml2.uml.util

Class Summary
UMLAdapterFactory The Adapter Factory for the model.
UMLSwitch<T> The Switch for the model's inheritance hierarchy.
UMLUtil Utilities for working with UML elements and resources.
UMLUtil.Ecore2UMLConverter A converter that converts Ecore model elements to representative UML elements.
UMLUtil.PackageMerger A copier that merges the contents of packages involved in package merge relationships based on the rules defined in the UML specification.
UMLUtil.Profile2EPackageConverter A converter that converts UML profiles to representative Ecore packages.
UMLUtil.QualifiedTextProvider A qualified text provider that uses names of named elements as qualified text segments and :: as a separator.
UMLUtil.UML2EcoreConverter A converter that converts UML elements to representative Ecore model elements.
UMLValidator The Validator for the model

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