Uses of Interface

Packages that use FormattingHelper
org.eclipse.ocl.uml Implementation of an OCL binding for the UML metamodel. 

Uses of FormattingHelper in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg

Classes in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg that implement FormattingHelper
 class AbstractFormattingHelper
          Some default formatting algorithms with support for some basic OCL and Ecore constructs.

Methods in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg that return FormattingHelper
protected  FormattingHelper AbstractBasicEnvironment.createFormattingHelper()
          Obtains the new or existing formatting-helper for this environment to use.
 FormattingHelper AbstractAnalyzer.getFormatter()
          Get the message formatting assistant, returning the value set by setFormatter, if non-null, else that provided by the environment, if non-null, else AbstractFormattingHelper.INSTANCE.
 FormattingHelper AbstractBasicEnvironment.getFormatter()
 FormattingHelper BasicEnvironment.getFormatter()
          Return the message formatter that may be used to format object-related contributions to problem messages.

Uses of FormattingHelper in org.eclipse.ocl.uml

Methods in org.eclipse.ocl.uml that return FormattingHelper
 FormattingHelper UMLEnvironment.getFormatter()
          I provide a custom formatting helper for UML metamodel.