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Packages that use BasicEnvironment
org.eclipse.ocl Definition of the extensible environment API for OCL parsing and evaluation. 
org.eclipse.ocl.ecore Implementation of an OCL binding for the Ecore metamodel. 
org.eclipse.ocl.uml Implementation of an OCL binding for the UML metamodel. 

Uses of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl

Subinterfaces of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl
static interface Environment.Internal<PK,C,O,P,EL,PM,S,COA,SSA,CT,CLS,E>
           An interface that merges the Environment and BasicEnvironment interfaces that define the behaviour realised in abstract form by AbstractEnvironment.

Classes in org.eclipse.ocl that implement BasicEnvironment
 class AbstractEnvironment<PK,C,O,P,EL,PM,S,COA,SSA,CT,CLS,E>
          A partial implementation of the Environment interface providing some useful common behavior for providers of metamodel bindings.

Uses of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore

Classes in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore that implement BasicEnvironment
 class EcoreEnvironment
          Implementation of the Environment for parsing OCL expressions on Ecore models.

Uses of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg

Subinterfaces of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg
 interface BasicEnvironment2
          A BasicEnvironment2 provides an extended environment interface to support asymmetric as well as symmetric mappings between CST and AST.

Classes in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg that implement BasicEnvironment
 class AbstractBasicEnvironment
          Partial implementation of the BasicEnvironment interface, providing default behaviours for most features.

Methods in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg that return BasicEnvironment
 BasicEnvironment AbstractAnalyzer.getEnvironment()
 BasicEnvironment AbstractLexer.getEnvironment()
 BasicEnvironment AbstractParser.getEnvironment()
 BasicEnvironment AbstractBasicEnvironment.getParent()

Methods in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg with parameters of type BasicEnvironment
protected  void AbstractBasicEnvironment.setParent(BasicEnvironment parent)
          Assigns me a parent environment after construction.

Constructors in org.eclipse.ocl.lpg with parameters of type BasicEnvironment
AbstractBasicEnvironment(BasicEnvironment parent)
          Initializes me with the specified parent environment, which should be of the same type as me.
AbstractLexer(BasicEnvironment environment)
AbstractParser(BasicEnvironment environment)
DerivedLexStream(BasicEnvironment environment, char[] input_chars, java.lang.String filename, int tab)
DerivedLexStream(BasicEnvironment environment, java.lang.String filename, int tab)
DerivedPrsStream(BasicEnvironment env, lpg.runtime.ILexStream iLexStream)

Uses of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl.parser

Constructors in org.eclipse.ocl.parser with parameters of type BasicEnvironment
AbstractOCLParser(BasicEnvironment environment)

Uses of BasicEnvironment in org.eclipse.ocl.uml

Classes in org.eclipse.ocl.uml that implement BasicEnvironment
 class UMLEnvironment
          Implementation of the Environment for parsing OCL expressions on UML models.