Interface Adaptable

All Known Subinterfaces:
BasicEnvironment, Environment, EvaluationEnvironment, IOCLVMEvaluationEnvironment, IVMEvaluationEnvironment<T>, IVMRootEvaluationEnvironment<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractBasicEnvironment, AbstractEnvironment, AbstractEnvironmentFactory, AbstractEvaluationEnvironment, OCLVMEnvironment, OCLVMEnvironmentFactory, OCLVMNestedEvaluationEnvironment, OCLVMRootEvaluationEnvironment, PivotEnvironment, PivotEnvironmentFactory, PivotEvaluationEnvironment, VMEvaluationEnvironment, VMNestedEvaluationEnvironment, VMRootEvaluationEnvironment

public interface Adaptable

Interface implemented by Environments that are adaptable to optional interfaces that can be considered as extensions to the environment API.

Christian W. Damus (cdamus)

Method Summary
<T> T
getAdapter(java.lang.Class<T> adapterType)
          Obtains an adapter for the specified interface type.

Method Detail


<T> T getAdapter(java.lang.Class<T> adapterType)
Obtains an adapter for the specified interface type.

Type Parameters:
T - the requested adapter interface
adapterType - the requested adapter interface
an instance of the requested interface, or null if this environment does not adapt to it