Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.impactanalyzer

Interface Summary
DerivedPropertyNotifier Used to observe and filter for model changes that affect derived properties defined by OCL expression.
ImpactAnalyzer The Impact Analyzer (IA) analyzes the impact of Notifications on a single OCLExpression in the sense that it determines those context objects of the expression for which the expression's evaluation result may have changed because of the change indicated by the notification.
ImpactAnalyzerFactory Used to create ImpactAnalyzer and DerivedPropertyNotifier objects.
PartialEvaluator A partial evaluator can be used to evaluate an expression at a hypothetical model state as it has been before a change, as described by an EMF Notification, has taken place.
PartialEvaluatorFactory Used to create PartialEvaluator objects.

Class Summary
Revalidator Use to react to model changes within a ResourceSet affecting the OCL-specified constraints / invariants provided by one or more EPackages.

Exception Summary
ValueNotFoundException Thrown when during (partial) OCL evaluation the value of a yet undefined variable is requested from the EvaluationEnvironment.