Class OptimizationActivation

  extended by org.eclipse.ocl.examples.impactanalyzer.configuration.OptimizationActivation

public class OptimizationActivation
extends java.lang.Object

Call getOption() to obtain the singleton ActivationOption object through which you can configure the behavior of the ImpactAnalyzer and more specifically, the InstanceScopeAnalysis component. The different options are explained in the ActivationOption documentation. Clients may also use setOption(ActivationOption) to set a new ActivationOption object specifically configured. It becomes effective at the time the setter is called. It is not recommended to change the configuration once an ImpactAnalyzer or InstanceScopeAnalysis object has been created and used for the first time because certain up-front calculations and caching may depend on the configuration chosen.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static ActivationOption getOption()
static void setOption(ActivationOption option)
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Constructor Detail


public OptimizationActivation()
Method Detail


public static ActivationOption getOption()


public static void setOption(ActivationOption option)