Class CollectNestedIteration2Java

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
IterationHelper, Iteration2Java

public class CollectNestedIteration2Java
extends AbstractAccumulation2Java

Field Summary
static CollectNestedIteration2Java INSTANCE
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean appendUpdate(JavaStream js, CGBuiltInIterationCallExp cgIterationCallExp)
          Append the code to update the accumulator
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Field Detail


public static final CollectNestedIteration2Java INSTANCE
Constructor Detail


public CollectNestedIteration2Java()
Method Detail


public boolean appendUpdate(@NonNull
                            JavaStream js,
                            CGBuiltInIterationCallExp cgIterationCallExp)
Description copied from interface: Iteration2Java
Append the code to update the accumulator

Returns true if control flow continues to loop again, false if terminated by a throw.