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 class AutoCG2JavaVisitor
          A AutoCG2JavaVisitor supports generation of Java code from an optimized Auto CG transformation tree.

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Fields in declared as CG2JavaVisitor
protected  CG2JavaVisitor JavaStream.cg2java

Constructors in with parameters of type CG2JavaVisitor
JavaStream(JavaCodeGenerator codeGenerator, CG2JavaVisitor cg2java)

Uses of CG2JavaVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl.examples.codegen.oclinecore

Subclasses of CG2JavaVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl.examples.codegen.oclinecore
 class OCLinEcoreCG2JavaVisitor
          An OCLinEcoreCG2JavaVisitor supports generation of the OCL embedded in an Ecore model into the Java bodies of the code producxed by GenModel.

Uses of CG2JavaVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl.examples.codegen.oclinjunit

Subclasses of CG2JavaVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl.examples.codegen.oclinjunit
 class JUnitCG2JavaClassVisitor
          A CG2JavaClassVisitor supports generation of an OCL expression as the LibraryOperation INSTANCE of a Java Class.