Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.codegen.analyzer

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AnalysisVisitor A CGElementVisitor handles the Pivot AST visits on behalf of a CodeGenAnalyzer.
AS2CGVisitor The AS2CGVisitor performs the first stage of code generation by converting the Pivot AST to the CG AST.
BoxingAnalyzer A BoxingAnalyzer performs a bottom up tree-traversal inserting:
CG2StringVisitor Converts an OCL expression to a string for debugging.
CGUtils Copyright (c) 2013 CEA LIST and others.
CodeGenAnalyzer A CodeGenAnalyzer performs the analysis of a Pivot AST in preparation for code generation.
DependencyVisitor Traverses the AST adding any internode dependencies to ensure correct declaration ordering.
FieldingAnalyzer A FieldingAnalyzer identifies the necessary catches and throws.
NameManager A NameManager provides suggestions for names and maintains caches of used names so that model elements are consistently named without collisions.
ReferencesVisitor The ReferencesVisitor compute a list of objects referenced by (but not contained by or containing) the visited object that contribute to that objects identity.