Package org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.opposites

Interface Summary
OppositeEndFinder Implementations shall be able to find and navigate "hidden references" on a classifier by name.

Class Summary
AllInstancesContentAdapter A content adapter that maintains a map of all EObjects in the scope observed (typically a ResourceSet), keyed by the EClasses to which the objects conform.
DefaultOppositeEndFinder Opposite references declared by the annotation detail EcoreEnvironment#PROPERTY_OPPOSITE_ROLE_NAME_KEY on an EAnnotation with source EMOFExtendedMetaData.EMOF_PACKAGE_NS_URI_2_0 are retrieved by scanning and caching the Ecore packages that this opposite end finder is aware of at the time of the request.
EcoreEnvironmentFactoryWithHiddenOpposites An environment factory which can be used to provide a non-null OppositeEndFinder to the OCL environment.
ExtentMap Uses OppositeEndFinder.getAllInstancesSeenBy(EClass, org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Notifier) to perform an extent lookup that is consistent with the visibility rules implemented by the OppositeEndFinder for hidden opposites lookup and traversal.