Uses of Interface

Packages that use EcoreFactory
org.eclipse.ocl.ecore Implementation of an OCL binding for the Ecore metamodel. 
org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.impl Implementation of the Ecore binding of the the Types package of the OCL Abstract Syntax. 

Uses of EcoreFactory in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore

Fields in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore declared as EcoreFactory
static EcoreFactory EcoreFactory.eINSTANCE
          The singleton instance of the factory.

Methods in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore that return EcoreFactory
 EcoreFactory EcorePackage.getEcoreFactory()
          Returns the factory that creates the instances of the model.

Uses of EcoreFactory in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.impl

Classes in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.impl that implement EcoreFactory
 class EcoreFactoryImpl
          An implementation of the model Factory.

Methods in org.eclipse.ocl.ecore.impl that return EcoreFactory
 EcoreFactory EcorePackageImpl.getEcoreFactory()
static EcoreFactory EcoreFactoryImpl.init()
          Creates the default factory implementation.