This plug-in provides an API for validating EMF-based models.


EMF Validation Framework
org.eclipse.emf.validation The API for implementers of Java constraints on the org.eclipse.emf.validation.constraintProviders extension point.
org.eclipse.emf.validation.model Types defining the "data model" of the EMF Validation plug-in, in most cases mapping directly to constructs in the constraintProviders extension point schema.
org.eclipse.emf.validation.preferences A single class that provides a way for applications disable/enable constraints as well as detecting whether a specific constraint is enabled/disabled.
org.eclipse.emf.validation.service The semi-public (internal-public) package defining the API for invocation of the validation engine and for the implementation of constraint providers.
org.eclipse.emf.validation.util Various utility classes and operations in support of the EMF Validation plug-in.
org.eclipse.emf.validation.xml The API for specification and processing of constraints in XML.


Other Packages
org.eclipse.emf.validation.ui.ide.quickfix "Quick fix" problem marker resolution strategies for problem markers created from validation constraint violations.


This plug-in provides an API for validating EMF-based models.

Please refer to the org.eclipse.emf.validation.service and org.eclipse.emf.validation package documentation for details of the validation client and provider APIs, respectively.

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