Package org.eclipse.emf.workspace.util

Utilities used by/with the workbench editing domain API.


Interface Summary
WorkspaceSynchronizer.Delegate Call-back interface for an object to which a WorkspaceSynchronizer delegates the algorithms for handling different kinds of resource changes.

Class Summary
OperationChangeDescription A change description that simply wraps an IUndoableOperation, asking it to undo or redo when applying.
WorkspaceSynchronizer A utility object that listens to workspace resource changes to synchronize the state of an EMF resource set with the workspace.
WorkspaceValidateEditSupport An implementation of the transaction validate-edit support that uses the Eclipse Platform's Workspace API to validate edits.

Package org.eclipse.emf.workspace.util Description

Utilities used by/with the workbench editing domain API.

Package Specification

This package provides some utility classes used by the EMF Transaction Workbench Integration API, which would also benefit clients extending that API.

Of particular interest to clients is the WorkspaceSynchronizer class, which provides a facility for synchronizing in-memory EMF resources with the state of the workspace files in which they are persisted.

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