Interface ConditionalRedoCommand

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All Known Implementing Classes:
ConditionalRedoCommand.Compound, EMFOperationCommand, RecordingCommand, TriggerCommand

public interface ConditionalRedoCommand
extends Command

A specialization of the EMF Command API that accounts for conditional redoable-ness. This interface adds a canRedo() operation in conjunction with the Command.canUndo().

This interface is intended to be implemented by clients.

Nested Class Summary
static class ConditionalRedoCommand.Compound
          A conditionally redoable compound command.
Method Summary
 boolean canRedo()
          Queries whether I can be redone.
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.emf.common.command.Command
canExecute, canUndo, chain, dispose, execute, getAffectedObjects, getDescription, getLabel, getResult, redo, undo

Method Detail


boolean canRedo()
Queries whether I can be redone. The result of calling this operation is undefined until I have been undone. Note that it is acceptable for a conditionally redoable command not to be redoable if it has successfully been undone, or even after having been successfully redone at least once before.

true if I can be redone; false, otherwise

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