Class ReadOnlyValidatorImpl

  extended by org.eclipse.emf.transaction.impl.ReadWriteValidatorImpl
      extended by org.eclipse.emf.transaction.impl.ReadOnlyValidatorImpl
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public class ReadOnlyValidatorImpl
extends ReadWriteValidatorImpl

A validator for read-only transactions. It provides all of the notifications (in order) that occurred during the transaction, but does not validate them (validation always passes with no problems).

A read-only validator should be created for the root transaction of any nested read-only transaction structure, when the root transaction is activated. As child transactions are activated, they must be added to me so that I may correctly track which notifications were received during which transaction, and at which time relative to the start and completion of nested transactions.

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Constructor Summary
          Initializes me.
Method Summary
 IStatus validate()
          I always return an OK status because there is never anything to validate in a read-only transaction.
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Constructor Detail


public ReadOnlyValidatorImpl()
Initializes me.

Method Detail


public IStatus validate()
I always return an OK status because there is never anything to validate in a read-only transaction.

an OK status, always

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