Package org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi

Interface Summary
DOMHandler This interface is a handler that is called by XMLSave while converting the contents of an XMLResource to DOM, to allow application to record EMF values that were used to create a DOM node.
DOMHelper This interface provides methods which given a DOM node return corresponding EMF objects.
EcoreBuilder The interface describes an XML Schema to Ecore builder.
NameInfo This interface represents a qualified name, as specified in "Namespaces in XML" specification.
XMIResource A resource that serializes to XMI.
XMLDefaultHandler The XML handler interface.
XMLHelper Configuration class for XML.
XMLLoad This defines the methods for the interface that XMLResourceImpl uses to load the resource.
XMLOptions This interface allows user specify various XML deserialization and serialization options
XMLParserPool Defines an interface to cache parsers and parser's handlers (XMLDefaultHandler) to improve deserialization performance.
XMLResource This interface represents an XML resource.
XMLResource.ElementHandler An interface for an element handle that is used to deduce an appropriate feature when serializing a value of a specific type.
XMLResource.ResourceEntityHandler An interface for a resource entity handler.
XMLResource.ResourceHandler An interface for a resource handler that can be registered to receive call backs for loading from an input stream or for saving to an output stream.
XMLResource.URIHandler An interface for a URI handler that is used to resolve and deresolve URIs.
XMLResource.XMLInfo This interface is used with the XMLMap interface to describe how to serialize objects and features.
XMLResource.XMLMap This interface represents a mapping from Ecore constructs to the XML representation of those constructs.
XMLSave This defines the methods for the interface that XMLResourceImpl uses to save the resource.
XMLSave.XMLTypeInfo This defines the methods for the interface used to determine whether type information should be saved when the XMLResource.OPTION_SAVE_TYPE_INFORMATION save option is enabled.

Class Summary
XMIPlugin The Plugin for the EMF.Ecore.XMI library.
XMIPlugin.Implementation The actual implementation of the Eclipse Plugin.

Exception Summary

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