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Packages that use AbstractTreeIterator
org.eclipse.emf.ecore.util Provides utilities. 
org.eclipse.emf.edit.domain This provides support for an EditingDomain, which acts a centralized control mechanism for managing a set of interrelated models and the Commands which modify them.
org.eclipse.emf.edit.provider This provides reusable ItemProviderAdapter support to drive JFace StructuredViewers, Eclipse IPropertySources, and EditingDomain

Uses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.ecore.util

Subclasses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.ecore.util
static class EcoreUtil.ContentTreeIterator<E>
          An iterator over the tree contents of a collection of EObjects, Resources, and ResourceSets.

Uses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.edit.domain

Subclasses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.edit.domain
static class AdapterFactoryEditingDomain.DomainTreeIterator<E>
          This implements an tree iterator that iterates over an object, it's domain children, their domain children, and so on.

Uses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.edit.provider

Subclasses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.edit.provider
 class AdapterFactoryTreeIterator<E>
          This implements a tree iterator that iterates over an object, it's children, their children, and so on, use the ITreeItemContentProviders produced by an adapter factory.

Uses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.exporter

Subclasses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.exporter
protected static class ModelExporter.GenPackagesTreeIterator

Uses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.impl

Subclasses of AbstractTreeIterator in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.impl
static class MappingImpl.MappingTreeIterator
          This implements a tree iterator that will iterate over a mapping, all it's nested mappings, all their nested mappings, and so on.

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