Package org.eclipse.emf.codegen.ecore.generator

Interface Summary
GeneratorAdapter An adapter that performs code generation for a Generator.
GeneratorAdapterFactory A factory for adapters that perform code generation for a Generator.
GeneratorAdapterFactory.Descriptor In essence, a factory for generator adapter factories.
GeneratorAdapterFactory.Descriptor.Registry A registry of Descriptors.

Class Summary
AbstractGeneratorAdapter A base GeneratorAdapter implementation.
AbstractGeneratorAdapter.JETEmitterDescriptor The information required to construct and initialize a JETEmitter, namely the file name of the template (relative to the template path) and the qualified name of the template class.
AbstractGeneratorAdapterFactory A base GeneratorAdapterFactory implementation.
Generator An extensible code generator that delegates its work to model-specific adapters created provided by an adapter factory.
Generator.Options A set of code generation options that should be shared among the generator, adapter factories and adapters.
GeneratorAdapterFactory.Descriptor.DelegatingRegistry A simple Registry implementation, in which getDescriptors(String) can delegate to another Registry if no descriptors are locally registered against the given package ID.

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