Package org.eclipse.emf.common.command

Provides a framework for implementing and composing commands.


Interface Summary
AbstractCommand.NonDirtying A marker interface implemented by commands that don't dirty the model.
Command An interface that every command is expected to support.
CommandStack A simple and obvious interface for an undoable stack of commands with a listener.
CommandStackListener A listener to a CommandStack.

Class Summary
AbstractCommand An abstract implementation of a basic command.
BasicCommandStack A basic and obvious implementation of an undoable stack of commands.
CommandWrapper A command that wraps another command.
CompoundCommand A command that comprises a sequence of subcommands.
IdentityCommand A command that always produces the same result.
StrictCompoundCommand A composite command which assumes that later commands in the list may depend on the results and side-effects of earlier commands in the list.
UnexecutableCommand A singleton UnexecutableCommand.INSTANCE that cannot execute.

Exception Summary
AbortExecutionException An exception thrown when a command's execution is to be silently aborted.

Package org.eclipse.emf.common.command Description

Provides a framework for implementing and composing commands.

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