Class SignedPushConfig

  • public class SignedPushConfig
    extends Object
    Configuration for server-side signed push verification.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SignedPushConfig

        public SignedPushConfig()
        Create a new config with default values disabling push verification.
    • Method Detail

      • setCertNonceSeed

        public void setCertNonceSeed​(String seed)
        Set the seed used by the nonce verifier.

        Setting this to a non-null value enables push certificate verification using the default HMACSHA1NonceGenerator implementation, if a different implementation was not set using setNonceGenerator(NonceGenerator).

        seed - new seed value.
      • getCertNonceSeed

        public String getCertNonceSeed()
        Get the configured seed.
        the configured seed.
      • setCertNonceSlopLimit

        public void setCertNonceSlopLimit​(int limit)
        Set the nonce slop limit.

        Old but valid nonces within this limit will be accepted.

        limit - new limit in seconds.
      • getCertNonceSlopLimit

        public int getCertNonceSlopLimit()
        Get the configured nonce slop limit.
        the configured nonce slop limit.
      • setNonceGenerator

        public void setNonceGenerator​(NonceGenerator generator)
        Set the NonceGenerator used for signed pushes.

        Setting this to a non-null value enables push certificate verification. If this method is called, this implementation will be used instead of the default HMACSHA1NonceGenerator even if setCertNonceSeed(String) was called.

        generator - new nonce generator.