Class PlotCommitList<L extends PlotLane>

    • Constructor Detail

      • PlotCommitList

        public PlotCommitList()
    • Method Detail

      • findPassingThrough

        public void findPassingThrough​(PlotCommit<L> currCommit,
                                       Collection<L> result)
        Find the set of lanes passing through a commit's row.

        Lanes passing through a commit are lanes that the commit is not directly on, but that need to travel through this commit to connect a descendant (child) commit to an ancestor (parent) commit. Typically these lanes will be drawn as lines in the passed commit's box, and the passed commit won't appear to be connected to those lines.

        This method modifies the passed collection by adding the lanes in any order.

        currCommit - the commit the caller needs to get the lanes from.
        result - collection to add the passing lanes into.
      • enter

        protected void enter​(int index,
                             PlotCommit<L> currCommit)
        Optional callback invoked when commits enter the list by fillTo.

        This method is only called during RevCommitList.fillTo(int).

        enter in class RevCommitList<PlotCommit<L extends PlotLane>>
        index - the list position this object will appear at.
        currCommit - the object being added (or set) into the list.
      • recycleLane

        protected void recycleLane​(L lane)
        Return colors and other reusable information to the plotter when a lane is no longer needed.
        lane - a lane